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Meet Kim 

Meet your MIBWRT® (Adv) Practitioner


Kim Barden BA Hons (Open) and MIBWRT(Adv) Practitioner trained at the Terence Watts Institute and a member of the APHP.


Kim lives in Burpham, Guildford, Surrey, and enjoys helping others to overcome the challenges using a 'new kid on the block' therapy called BWRT ® which was inaugurated in 2011 by Terence Watts (MCGI).  


BWRT is determinedly solution-focused and evidence-based, it is not experimental in nature but uses tried and tested psychological processes that have been shown to be effective, thus fulfilling modern therapies.


Furthermore, BWRT® has a worldwide following of therapists and clients.

How can Kim help YOU?

Asking for help is one of the bravest things you can do.

Sometimes, we need assistance when it comes to dealing with many of the problems we face in life. Whether it is mental health problems, fears, or anxiety, everyone is different, and we all have alternative ways of dealing with and coping with these issues. Unfortunately, many people struggle to overcome the problems, challenges, and illnesses they face but this is where Kim can help.

At BWRT ® Surrey, Kim is on hand to provide her clients with a range of treatments that are designed to improve and help them manage their problems. Whatever the issue, regardless of how big or small it might be, Kim's aim is to guide you through the process of finding a solution that enables you to actively manage and permanently deal with the issues you face. 

  • BWRT® is a new form of treatment that is safe, effective, and quick

  • BWRT® is not and does not use hypnosis or hypnotherapy

  • BWRT® can have a powerful impact on many psychological difficulties which a number of people have to endure and it has the potential to be more powerful and successful than anything that has existed to date.


How can BWRT® help you?

The three Levels of BWRT 

Level 1
General Psychopathology
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Level 2
Psychology of Identity and Behaviour
BWRT L2.png
Level 3

BWRT L3 is currently a case study.


I am a Radiographer who specialises in breast screening and with the onset of the pandemic in 2020 I was redeployed to a different department.  This left me traumatised and very frightened.  I had not worked in this other department for over 25 years and was left floundering.  Anxiety and severe insomnia kicked in and I started to suffer from panic attacks. Having tried different coping strategies and still struggling with panic attacks one year on, I reached out to Frontline 19, who matched me with Kim at Anxiety Angel Surrey and wow, what a difference.  Kim was very compassionate and easy to talk to and offered me BWRT therapy. After only a few sessions it made a world of difference to me.  My husband could see a marked difference in me, even after the first session. The big test for me was being put out of my comfort zone recently to learn some new skills at work. I was able to embrace this with only minimal anxiety and no panic attacks thanks to the therapy that Kim has done with me. I can't thank Kim enough for her help, it has been invaluable. BWRT has really worked for me.


Thank you.


 - JT

Senior Radiographer, 

Breast Screening

Meet Terence Watts (MCGI) from The Terence Watts Institute

What is BWRT®?

‘BWRT®’ stands for ‘BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®’, a model of psychology and psychotherapy created by UK professional therapist, Terence Watts, MCGI. It’s a totally confidential method that does not require you to reveal your private information or personal secrets to your therapist and it is carried out in a completely conscious state. It does not use hypnosis or any concepts that might be considered mystical or unscientific – it’s completely logical, practical, and down-to-earth, and for it to succeed only needs you to know what you want to change in your life. Only Certified Practitioners have been trained to deliver BWRT® and all have to adhere to a strict ethical code. Find out more at


Please provide at least 24 hours' notice for all bookings, otherwise you will be charged for the session.

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